St Nicholas, Buckland Ripers

St Nicholas Church takes its responsibilities surrounding the safeguarding of children, young people, and adults who may be at risk very seriously, and works in partnership with the Diocese of Salisbury to ensure that we work in accordance with best practice at all times. Our Parish Safeguarding Policy can be downloaded [here] . If you have any Safeguarding questions or concerns you can contact our Parish Safeguarding Officer, John Perrott [01305 814708 or].  Alternatively you can contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser on 07500 664800 or

History of St Nicholas’ Church

The medieval building was destroyed by fire and the Church – which consists only of a nave and chancel mostly dates to 1655.

In 1310 Peter de Malore was living in Buckland Ripers Manor. He built the church (parts of which remain) and instated the first rector, a John Lawrence. By 1360 the estate had passed to the Framptons, who have remained patrons of the church to the present day.
During the Civil War the Manor, associated buildings and the church were partly destroyed. James Brampton started to rebuild the ruins in 1655 but died before the work was completed and was buried in the church. The chancel, font and rear wall predate the damage. The rear wall was rebuilt in the 1980s, with funds raised mostly by local effort. The chalice and paten are of 1663.
While many parts of the Manor and its properties have been modified or replaced, some of the Manor’s medieval ambience has been tenuously retained in the immediate vicinity of the original buildings and of the church.

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